Global Environment

Since 2001, OMRON has been involved in forest cleanups with the cooperation of the town of Keihoku in Kyoto. By cutting branches, pruning and engaging in other forest maintenance activities, OMRON aims to increase societal awareness about the role forests play in our environment. On Founder's Day (May 10), OMRON conducts seminars to give employees information about the forest prior to their volunteering.


Beginning in 1991, employees around the world have marked the anniversary of OMRON's establishment, known within the company as "Founder's Day" or "OMRON Day," by engaging in a wide variety of volunteer activities. In addition to community-centered activities such as orphanage and retirement home visits, many employees use the opportunity to take part in environmental conservation and beutification activities. In FY2007, approximately 8,400 people went to work to make the world around us a little more beautiful.

Many OMRON Group companies in Japan, focused on street cleanups.

OMRON Electronic Components employees in Thailand afforested mangrove to help preserve the coastline.

Employees from Shanghai OMRON Control Components planted trees and picked up litter around the office.

“Weed Warriors” from OMRON Scientific Technologies in the US cleaned up a wildlife refuge.