Community Support

Community Support

"Awareness and practice of corporate citizenship"

Beginning in 1991, employees around the world have marked the anniversary of OMRON's establishment, known within the company as "Founder's Day" by engaging in a wide variety of volunteer activities. Beautification projects, visits to schools, orphanages and retirement homes, blood donation and computer training are just of the few diverse activities through which we express our appreciation to the communities in which we do business. These activities are performed during work hours; thus OMRON provides opportunities for employees to give back to the community while on company time.


Founder's Day activities

Sixty employees from OMRON Takeo donated blood.

OMRON Automotive Electronics employees in Thailand donated food and money to Wat Sa-Kew orphanage.

Employees in Slovakia walked dogs from a local animal shelter

OFI (OMRON Foundation Inc.)

OFI is funded by contributions representing 0.1% of annual sales generated by OMRON Group companies in the United States and Canada, as well as funds from OMRON Management Center of America Inc. (OMRON's regional headquarters for North America.) Through OFI, the OMRON offices in North America have contributed to Northern Illinois University, the American College of Cardiology, United Way, earthquake relief in India and the Schaumburg Youth Orchestra, among others.

Kyoto OMRON Community Fund

In Kyoto, OMRON supports social welfare activities, child rearing, the advancement of women, activities promoting the participation of people with disabilities in society and various initiatives that aim to improve the social environment.